Curator Speech

Dear readers,

As members of the big family of ZUST, be you staff or students, committed to the university motto of “VIRTUE & TRUTH, PRACTICALITY & CREATIVITY”, we get together in our beautiful campus. On behalf of all staff from our library, I sincerely welcome you to visit the library. We will continuously adhere to the principle of “Readers first” to provide warm and thoughtful service.

Library is the treasury of human knowledge. If you hold the key to that treasury, you can start the exploring journey in the world of knowledge, soaring in the sky of wisdom and surfing in the ocean of information. You can enjoy the elegant cultural life in our university to your heart’s content. Library is the holy place for you to accumulate extensive knowledge and cultivate noble sentiments.

We will make unremitting efforts, with constant innovation, to improve our service in a bid to meet the needs of the majority of faculty and students. It is our ardent expectation that you paid close attention to the construction and development of our library. Your advices and suggestions, which will surely help to improve our services, are highly appreciated.

All of the library staff is standing ready to work with you shoulder to shoulder and make the library your favorite place in our university.

Prof. Jiang LIN

Chief Librarian